Mistress Valeska's Contact Details :

To contact & book Mistress Valeska, please call 07876 136 689
or email mistressvaleska@slave-academy.co.uk

Your mistress expects you to…

• Arrive on time
• Be well turned out, showered and fresh
• Be respectful and have good manners
• Inform your mistress of any medications or conditions she should be aware of
• Not to dictate the content of the session, and allow your mistress to be her wonderful creative self
• All bookings are made by phone on the relevant numbers, not by e-mail or text
• All cancellations must be by phone (not text) and as soon as is possible
• No withheld numbers
• Please respect the Mistress’s time and only call for details or to book
• Only book an appointment if you’re sure you can keep it
• All appointments must be confirmed by phone by 11am on the day or 10 am for 12.00 apps and 9 am for 11.00 apps. No exceptions
• A lack of confirmation does not equal a cancellation.
• People who book and don’t turn up, without cancelling, will not be permitted to book again
• Please don’t try to barter down the price, it’s demeaning
• Under no exceptions should you arrive at the premises without an appointment.

Mistress Valeska
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