Sessions with Mistress Valeska:

From foot fetishists to sissy maids, from exquisite tie and tease sessions to judicial punishments and everything inbetween, Mistress Valeska will blow your mind.

No personal services & No hard sports!

Sessions will be at the The Slave Academy in Manchester, a place for the Mistresses' imaginations to run wild! A place for all aspects of BDSM, a place where slaves are made, and broken! Purposefully designed, they include bespoke fetish furniture and every toy you can imagine…and some you can’t! The three chambers are unrivalled in size. Each has a different mood, a relaxing, yet forboding place, and a standard of cleanliness of the highest order.


The first chamber to be completed, an ornate room bursting with equipment, who’s finest features are it’s five point suspension and old traditional pilliory.


The largest of the three chambers, boasting extensively mirrored walls and ceiling, a worshipping area complete with throne and a completely sound- proofed isolation chamber.


The most recent addition, its crowning glory is a full sized revolving bondage wheel. Other features include a water sports enclosure and spacious cage.
Mistress Valeska
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